Saturday, December 28, 2013

Props for Valentine Performance

We have an annual Valentine banquet as a fund raiser for kids to attend pre-teen camp and we are going to need a little entertainment. So I started planning a song for our puppet team, the PIT Crew, to perform.

I'm planning to use a song called "Put the Love of God in Your Heart".  It's a parody of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" from Creative Ministries RPM collection.

I decided to keep it simple with the props and just a few puppets.  The new bunny will definitely be involved!

We have to have a Jesus in a heart prop, naturally...
jesus heart prop

Here is the heart with the first coat of red paint on the outside...
heart paint drying
It doesn't seem to show up in the picture but there is a hinge of tape in the middle so the heart can open up and you'll see Jesus inside.

Here is a shrub I just cut out with an x-acto knife...
cutting out shrub 1

Here is a close up of the shrub.  Not sure why I drew all the details because when I put the base coat on, they will disappear.
close up of shrub

I'll post new pictures when they are all done.  I love making things with items I already have and so far these are made with leftovers from previous projects. :)

props almost done
Some of the props - almost done!


  1. What kind of paint do you use for your props?

    1. Hi Angela!
      For these I just used acrylic craft paint from Walmart. If I were painting for black light, they actually have some neon ones that glow, but these are better but they are also more expensive!



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