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Puppet Playing Guitar

I just realized I never posted the finished pastor, guitar player and mother puppets.

I did finish them but only have a picture of the guitar player, and it's not very good but here it is anyway.

I'm working on being able to upload our song we did in May. As soon as I get a copy, I will upload it!

Puppet Training Day Outline for PIT Crew 2010

I recently discovered these puppet training videos from OneWayUK. They were very informative and I used them in our workshop yesterday. Go to their youtube page and start from Part 1.

Yesterday we had a workshop day for our service team we call the "P.I.T. Crew" this is a puppet/drama/service team that helps out in children's church and does puppet shows as well.
Here are some of the things we covered in our workshop:
What is the PIT Crew? What do we do? What are the rules for PIT Crew?
Puppet training: Entrances/Exits Lip Sync Puppet Height Characterization
We did some drama training and games Had a little drama skit presentation
Wrote our own puppet skit and performed it later
Learned the songs for VBS
Practiced skits and lessons for Children's Church June
Brainstormed for our upcoming blacklight show in October
Performances at the end
Cleaned up!
Whew! We got a lot done and were really tired by the end. But we learn…