Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Jonah Show - Black Light Show 2011

Here are a few pictures of our recent black light show taken by one of the PIT Crew parents. These pictures were taken from a video so they aren't the clearest.

  • When you first walk in the stage area (gym) you see this sign.  It is hung up on the wall behind the stage.

Our Theme Verse
  • A green peg leg pirate and friends sing about the tale about Jonah.
Seabirds (rod puppets) and a Green Peg Leg Pirate

  • The Cap'n and Katy Pillar discuss Jonah's dilemma.  Actually The Cap'n doesn't seem to know too much about Jonah and God.  So Katy helps him out with a song.

The Cap'n  and Katy Pillar

  • The "spring chickens" as The Cap'n calls them (hardy har har) sing about being fishers of men. 

Slinky Birds

  • Jonah finds out that God is with him, even when everything is falling apart.

Jonah in the Fish
  • The people of Nineveh rejoice as the king and his queen decide to follow God's ways.
Dancing Puppets

  • This is our amazing PIT Crew team, made up of 6th graders up!  People are always amazed when they see how young most of them are.  They are dedicated to the show and work very hard.  Thank you PIT Crew!

The PIT Crew 


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