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Croc Puppet with Live Hand for VBS 2009

I made this puppet myself w/out a pattern! Our VBS for 2009 is Crocodile Dock so I wanted a "non-scary" puppet and couldn't find one online so I decided to make my own. I made a few mistakes in the design and decorating but he still turned out pretty cute if I say so myself! What do you think? Leave me a comment!

He isn't made from a pattern but from this technique. 

We've Been Making Puppets!!!

You'll have to excuse the pics I post, our camera isn't very good right now. We need a new one! But anyway, I can't resist sharing these characters! They are soooo FUN!!
(I'll replace the pics as I get new clearer ones)

My 17 yo dd made this one first..

and this one...

and this one...

I made this one...

I'm still working on this one...

Our 13 yo friend made this one...

And my 10 yo ds helped with this one (I did the sewing and hot glue but he chose the rest!)

I don't know when the last time I had so much fun!!!!!

We just discovered this set of tutorials and have been experimenting like crazy!