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Croc Puppet with Live Hand for VBS 2009

I made this puppet myself w/out a pattern! Our VBS for 2009 is Crocodile Dock so I wanted a "non-scary" puppet and couldn't find one online so I decided to make my own. I made a few mistakes in the design and decorating but he still turned out pretty cute if I say so myself! What do you think? Leave me a comment!

He isn't made from a pattern but from this technique. 

We've Been Making Puppets!!!

You'll have to excuse the pics I post, our camera isn't very good right now. We need a new one! But anyway, I can't resist sharing these characters! They are soooo FUN!!
(I'll replace the pics as I get new clearer ones)

My 17 yo dd made this one first..

and this one...

and this one...

I made this one...

I'm still working on this one...

Our 13 yo friend made this one...

And my 10 yo ds helped with this one (I did the sewing and hot glue but he chose the rest!)

I don't know when the last time I had so much fun!!!!!

We just discovered this set of tutorials and have been experimenting like crazy!

Change is Coming

Sadly this was the last show with this Krew.  God is moving and changing things up.

What He has in store no one knows, but we trust Him to lead us where He would have us to go.

We love you KREW!!!!  
You will always be very special to us.

No Monsters

This was our very first jaunt into black light performance.  We used "junk" we found around church and at home!

We've tried to get video of this skit and just have not been successful, but I thought I'd post a portion of an early dress rehearsal, just to give you an idea of how it looks.

Getting Ready for Pre-Teen Camp Show

August 5th we will be performing with Black Light at a near by Pre-Teen Camp. Stop back by to see how it went!

****UPDATE**** The kids at camp loved the show! We tried to video once again, but didn't get a lot of usable footage. The problem was that the kids liked it so much they were practically up on the stage with us! Of course the blacklight was a hit as always, but they loved some of the skits too. Plaidman and Polkadot were two heroes that showed up and gathered quite a following. The puppet skits received a few laughs as well. Overall performing at camp was great. The kids really got into it and that was great encouragement to our Krew. Oh! And how could I forget the Nerds???? They loved the Nerds!

Meet the Characters: Dudley the Dragon

Dudley loooves Princess Annie, we should know he tells us often enough! You don't have to be afraid of this dragon, except maybe that he might lick you to death!

Performance at River of Life Church

We FINALLY were able to perform at River of Life. I think we re-scheduled a couple of times before we actually got to go.

It was a real blessing. You never know who's gonna get the blessing when you're serving the Lord, but I think there were many blessings to be had that night.

Our next big thing we have to prepare for is Pre-Teen camp in August. We've been invited to perform our "Fear Not" Blacklight show. We are so excited about that!!!!

Introducing... Dudley the Dragon!

Come meet Dudley the Dragaon!

Dudley will be introduced on March 22nd at our annual HBC Easter Egg Hunt.

((Edited to add update: Dudley was a success! He's got quite a fan base already. The little kids especially loved him, as well as the adults. One little boy said, "I love that doggy!" LOL. Dudley acts so much like a silly doggy that the little boy believed he was a dog and not a dragon! I'll be posting a video of our skit soon))

Award Winning Puppet Team!

We tied for first at the Talent Show, but ended up taking home the 2nd place trophy. The first place winners really deserved it! Eleven year old dancers - they put much more money, sweat and practice in than we did I'm sure!

We are just so excited to be able to share Jesus with others that we don't care what place we got. Our kids felt great winning though! We give all the glory to the Lord!

Keep praying for us as He sends opportunities our way!

We GO, we TEACH, we DO, we WORK, we SERVE, WHATEVER... it is for the GLORY of GOD

Choosing God

Well it's now or never, our last chance to practice was last night and we perform "Choosing God" live Sunday the 20th for our church Ministry Fair.

Pray for us!

Pray for us if you read this...

We're headed for a Lock-In tonight with our Krew. We will be creating some new shows but the main thing we will be doing is rehearsing for an audition at the local public school for their talent show. We will be performing Carmen's "No Monsters" in black light. I'm not 100% confident that we'll pass auditions because of these type of lyrics...

When I was just a little kid I saw a scary movie
About as crazy lunatic, you see
He tried to kill these people on vacation with an axe
Then I'd imagine that this dude was after me
While laying in my bed that night, afraid and wide awake
I promise you I saw a shadow move
But when I felt an evil spirit, that was it
I knew right then exactly what to do
I took authority in Christ
All fear flew away
I stood bold as a lion, and ran it off when it heard me say
(What did you say)

Don't want no monsters in my house tonight
Don't want no monsters in my house
You won't get me screaming,
You're nothing but a demon
It's t…