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Showers of .... puppets!

God has really blessed us this year with puppets! One year ago at this time we had Princess Annie, and a couple of small old puppets and a few that we doctored up to make useful. And today we have so many that we don't even have adequate storage for them all! Just the other day we received a policeman puppet, mother, cheerleader, baby, grandpa, a snail, some birds and small animals along with the trunk to transport them in ... all for free! WOW! We were soooo excited! I can't wait to post some pictures and videos (coming soon) of our puppets. These are the style of puppets that were given to us.

Puppet Stages

We performed a small skit for our church's annual "Hanging of the Green" and a woman visiting from another church asked us to come to her church and perform for them so we said, "Sure!" Our kids were very excited about the idea. Wait, we use a castle puppet set up for children's church, we used the baptistry for the puppets in the sanctuary... we need a portable puppet stage NOW! We looked at One Way Street and their stage was $550!!!! WithOUT curtains!!! No offense, I love those guys but we have ummmm $0 budget left over. Never fear PVC pipe is here! We headed to our local Lowe's and bought the goods (now I have to interject here and say I made one of these years ago but it, ahem, dissapeared during some church construction, ah well). Came home and within an hour, we had a stage (thanks B & L!!!), the next day we sewed some curtains out of FREE black fabric someone had donated to us and viola! We had an awesome mobile puppet stage if I do say