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New Pink Puppet

We have some new members on our ministry team and I promised to make them their very own puppet to practice with.  Here's one I made today. I still have another one to make. Pink Puppet Close Up Pink Puppet  She's really cute in person, I don't think the pictures do her justice. :)

Black Light Lion Props

I've been working hard on our PIT Crew's  upcoming black light show.  I made these lions for a song we are doing.  I waited a while until I found the style that I wanted.  Of course full size puppet lions would have been awesome but who has the time and budget for that? So here's what I came up with. Sitting Lion Lying Lion They aren't 100% finished yet.  They are all duct taped together right now. LOL.  Also one is missing his tail, and the other tail is just stuck on for the picture.  The yellow lion will open and close his mouth and the orange one's eyes open and shut. The were so fun to make! The materials I used were: Foam insulation board Neon poster board card board foam core board fleece fabric hot glue duct tape quilt batting practice golf balls & white fabric (for the eyes) clear contact paper and I will have some of the pieces laminated as soon as I can get to the teacher's store That's it! I love them.  How ab