Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Puppet Stage - A Shack for VBS 2009

I needed a stage for upcoming VBS that also looks like a shack of sorts. I wanted it light and quick to set up. We will use it after VBS for children's church and we don't have a separate area for that so it has to be set up and taken down every Sunday.

I tried to take pictures along the way but it's hard when you are working and have so many other things going on to remember to take a picture each step! Also sometimes I had to use my camera phone so they aren't very clear. Sorry about that.

We began with pvc pipe and cut it all to size.Then I covered the "frames" with canvas drop cloths from the paint department. I just tacked them on with needle and thread. I'm sure there was an easier way but I was trying to save money so I just sewed them on by hand.

Then we, my son and grandson, painted the canvas with a base coat of white using paint I already had. My mom and daughter painted a second coat of yellow, also paint I already had. No picture of that step.
Then we used some green acrylic paint and some glaze.

I wiped it on with a rag and then wiped it back off with another damp rag. We threw the rags in the trash when we were done.

Here's a panel in progress. You can see the green streaks. This made it look mossy or old or both. Which is what I was going for.

Here you can see we've finished painting. I forgot to take pictures when we were doing the shading of the clapboard siding, but you'll see that in a minute. We used tie-wraps for hinges.

Here you can see the "siding".

This is the inside of the frames.
Now we added the roof! The roof is another pvc frame with corrugated plastic riveted to it. It's a separate panel. I need to cover those open eaves and exposed pipe. I'll get to that later!

Say hello to my little friend!

Here is how it folds up.

Folded flat

Only a few inches wide when folded. Did I mention it is very easy to assemble? It could be assembled by one person in just a couple of minutes except for the roof. You really need two people to lift it. It's not heavy just wide!


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