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How to begin a Black Light Ministry Part 2: All Things Black

You need lots of black items! You will need  black long sleeve shirts  and  black pants  for each member that will be in the show. Hint: for clothing shop yard sales and thrift shops. We just buy black clothing when we see it and eventually it will fit someone. Black Long Sleeve Shirts Black Pants Everyone will need their own pair of   black socks ,  black gloves  and a  black hood . In the past I purchased some of these hoods during Halloween season, but recently I have only found them online.  I have also made our own hoods on the sewing machine. Black Socks Black Hoods Black Gloves For staging you will need lot of  black sheets or fabric, black foam core, and/or insulation foam painted black.  Flat latex paint with a flat sponge roller works great. In the photo you can see our stage set up and we use sheets of insulation foam painted black to create the background. You need  black curtains and staging , I made my own bu

How to Begin a Black Light Ministry Part 1: Building Your Team

I've been leading a black light performance team for over 10 years now. If you want to know more about black light theatre, read my post here . A black light ministry is lot of fun and makes a huge impact on the audience as well as the team.  I'm writing this series so that you too can enjoy the fun, creativity and blessings that emerge from a ministry like this. Here is what you need to get started. First you need PEOPLE. You will need to recruit people to be on the black light team. In our case, this is a ministry so I require that the members be Christians. This is more than putting on a show, it's part of being a discipleship team and you can't be a disciple until you are a Christian.  (If you'd like to know more about becoming a Christian you may contact me through my contact button or leave a comment. I would love to talk and pray with you.) Our team consists of students who are in 6th grade or above. You can go younger i

How to Begin a Black Light Ministry Introduction: What is a Black Light Show?

So, why black light? First of all, using black light is just cool. It's so vibrant and colorful.  But mostly there are things you can do in black light that you can't get away with in regular lighting situations.  Black light can be magic! If you want to start a black light ministry you need to understand the principles of black light theatre. Black light is UV lighting that reflects white and fluorescent colored items like paint, fabric, poster board and paper. The principle of a black light show is to have everything blacked out so that only the colors of the puppets, props or clothing show. You can create anything your imagination dreams up for a black light show! Generally the colors that glow best are white (not all whites glow), neon pink, neon orange, neon green and neon yellow.  Occasionally you can find some neon blue and purple but they don't show as bright as the other colors.  Since you have a limited color palette you must be cr