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Cow and Pig Puppets

I made these guys for a song we did with a fall/farm theme.  I love how they turned out.

Organizing Idea for Large Foam Panels, Props and Scenery

We needed a way to keep our 4 x 8 foam panels and some staging organized. We use them for our black light shows.

Before, we had them leaning against the wall which was okay, but getting something from the back made it very difficult.

There is a man in our church we call Mr. David who can make anything and he often makes it from junk.  I told him about our problem and he used some items he had in his shop to make a holder for me.

It's basically a giant file organizer.
 He used a pallet, some 1/2 inch pipe and a drill to make holes in the pallet for the pipe to fit into.  Nothing is permanently attached so we can move it or rearrange it any time.

Here is is with our 4x8 foam panels and our accordion fold pvc stage neatly sorted and tucked out of the way.

New Puppet: Giddy

I made a new puppet over the weekend.  She is going to be used in some skits for Wednesday night kids' lessons at church.  We use a pre-written skit from a company called High Voltage Kids and this unit calls for a girl named Giddy.  Giddy is a little country girl who wants a pony.

Here she is:
I used this shape as a base and adapted it as I went.  I wanted to try something different and I like the elongated mouth shape.  I think she turned out very cute.  She is the first puppet I ever made for myself and I can't wait to use her next week!

I will use this pattern shape again, but with more modifications.  I didn't sew her mouth, it's glued. I prefer to sew, but when I'm working with a new design I sometimes get ahead of myself and forget a step.  It may sound silly, but it happens.  Just like I never remember to take pictures of the process. One day I will plan the photos and actually remember to take some.

The best part about this puppet is that I only spent $2…

Puppet Making Tip: Hot Glue Gun Accessory

As a puppet maker and crafter I use the hot glue gun often. You would think I would learn not to burn myself and to keep that cup of cold water nearby but I still forget after all these years.  And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you still burn yourself on the glue that gushes out and sometimes just the heat coming through the fabric can be very painful.

I found these Thermal Thimbles on clearance at Walmart and immediately saw the potential!

They are originally for ironing but they are PERFECT for working with the hot glue gun.  I've tried them already and they work great.  The glue doesn't stick to them, it peels right off.

I wish I'd known about these years ago!

I purchased mine on clearance but they aren't very expensive at regular price and they are worth every penny.  I am grateful for them each time I work with the hot glue gun.  They allow me to pinch and put pressure in tight space that in the past I would have used a chop stick or similar tool.  I sti…

Christmas Song 2014

Our PIT Crew performed a song last Sunday called "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" but it was set to a 60's girl band sound.  Super fun and cute!

I made everything here except the puppet in the middle.  We've had her a long time. :)

One fun thing I did was on the angel props, if you look closely you can see that the Joseph, Mary, Jesus sign is the same shape as the angel with wings.  There is an identical angel on the other side! and on the other side of the angel shown here are two shepherds and a sheep.  It was a fun way to keep props at a minimum. 0:)

Black Light Frog Pupppets

This is what I finished today.
 I started these a month or so ago, but just now finished them up.  I'm thinking of adding some details but at least they are ready to practice with!

I used the melonhead pattern  from projectpuppet adapted to the size I wanted for the heads, the body pattern is my own and the arms and legs are adapted from a stuffed animal frog I had!

They glow in black light and well be featured in this year's show.  On to the next puppet!

I love these bunraku trees!

I saw this song performed live several years ago and had the opportunity to see these bunraku type puppets up close at a workshop.  Joe Bruce and his family are an amazing and talented bunch.  I've been wanting to make some trees like this ever since I first saw them and I am finally doing it this year!  I'll be posting soon my progress on this project.  My trees will be swamp trees and  will glow in black light.  I am only making two.  They are going to be so much fun!