Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Puppet Making Tip: Hot Glue Gun Accessory

 As a puppet maker and crafter I use the hot glue gun often. You would think I would learn not to burn myself and to keep that cup of cold water nearby but I still forget after all these years.  And no matter how hard you try, sometimes you still burn yourself on the glue that gushes out and sometimes just the heat coming through the fabric can be very painful.

I found these Thermal Thimbles on clearance at Walmart and immediately saw the potential!

They are originally for ironing but they are PERFECT for working with the hot glue gun.  I've tried them already and they work great.  The glue doesn't stick to them, it peels right off.

I wish I'd known about these years ago!

I purchased mine on clearance but they aren't very expensive at regular price and they are worth every penny.  I am grateful for them each time I work with the hot glue gun.  They allow me to pinch and put pressure in tight space that in the past I would have used a chop stick or similar tool.  I still use a tool like that sometimes, but fingers have the best control and I like to use them when I can.

Don't hesitate to pick yourself some up next time you are at the store!

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  1. Great idea...I will look out for some..Thanks. Like your pages too...much appreciated



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