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Organizing Idea for Large Foam Panels, Props and Scenery

We needed a way to keep our 4 x 8 foam panels and some staging organized. We use them for our black light shows.

Before, we had them leaning against the wall which was okay, but getting something from the back made it very difficult.

There is a man in our church we call Mr. David who can make anything and he often makes it from junk.  I told him about our problem and he used some items he had in his shop to make a holder for me.

It's basically a giant file organizer.
Installing the pipe dividers into the pallet
 He used a pallet, some 1/2 inch pipe and a drill to make holes in the pallet for the pipe to fit into.  Nothing is permanently attached so we can move it or rearrange it any time.

Foam Organizer all loaded

Here is is with our 4x8 foam panels and our accordion fold pvc stage neatly sorted and tucked out of the way. 


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