Thursday, December 19, 2013

Organizing Small Signs for Puppet Songs

I started a new blog over at and it has inspired me to blog more here at  I don't know why I have struggled with this blog.  I think it's because I couldn't find just exactly what I wanted to say and show here.

I'm just going to blog about anything puppet related that I think, do or see. :) After all, the blogs are really for me to journal what I do and what I learn along the way.  If it helps somebody else well then I'll be doubly blessed.

This week I was doing some organizing and cleaning behind the stage in our children's dept at my church and came up with a simple solution for our small signs.

I took some paper clips and duct tape and taped the clips at the end of the paddles, then I put hooks back stage and hung the signs on the hooks.  Fast.Simple.Cheap.Easy.

adding paperclips to signs

sticks with paperclips

hooks 2 

hooks backstage

The signs themselves are just clip art enlarged, printed on our color printer, laminated then mounted to foam core board trimmed to fit.  They are then taped onto paint stir paddles that are spray painted black.  Again fast.Simple.Cheap.Easy

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