Friday, February 6, 2009

Three New Puppets - The Office, The Donkey and The Alien

This is an experiment in "blinking eyes." His eyes don't really blink but they do raise up and down. He's not the best looking puppet.  Some of my friends say he looks like a Simpson, but I didn't intend that!

He was made without a pattern using the Paul Louis Tutorials.

They eyes were based on a tutorial like this.

Now this little guy, I love! He's my first puppet of this shape. I love him! He's a donkey ya know. Hee Haw!!!

He's from the Project Puppet Glorified Sock Pattern.

This is my current fav. My 10 yo son designed him, I did the sewing; he did the choosing and the stuffing. ;)
He's out of this world!

This guy is also from the Project Puppet Glorified Sock Pattern.

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