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Our church is doing the SKY VBS

Our church is doing the SKY VBS from Group in a couple of weeks and I have so much to do!

I am working on making an airplane to hang from the ceiling of the sanctuary.  It is cut out and painted with the first coat of paint.  It's make of cardboard tube and foam so it will take more than one coat to cover.  I hope to have some pictures to share.

Another project that is complete are hoops like these:
Mine are not quite as elegant as these because they are made of crepe paper streamers in rainbow colors.  I will also try to get a picture when they are all done.

The rest of my list:

** VBS "FLYER" wall hanging (I wanted this done this Sunday but just didn't get it done!)
    - rainbow hoops
      - red airplane (in progress)
        - hot air balloon
          - hot air balloon basket
            - rainbow balloon garland
              - foam & batting clouds
                - shadow screen
                  - God sightings wall
                    -Arrival/Departure Signs for reg. table
                      - S K Y letters of foam
                        - SKY letters of cotton balls (like bulletin board)
                          - photo ops: balloon, box plane, sky to fly
                            -giant pinwheels
                              -rainbow door coverings
                                -kite words 
                                  -rainbow words 

                                  I'd better get to bed now! I need my rest!!!
                                  I'll check in through the week and update my progress.  
                                  I am praying for our VBS and all the VBSs across this nation and globe!  I know that VBS has to be God's favorite time of year. ;)  I know it is mine. 

                                  The list got crossed off with lots of help from my church family!!!

                                  God is good. :)


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