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How I plan a puppet song

I'm currently in planning mode and thought I would share a bit of the process I use to choose, plan and produce a number. It begins with a lot of prayer actually. I am in constant prayer and asking God for direction, inspiration and a message/reason for the show or song. Sometimes a song comes on the radio and I just see it "puppetized" in my mind.  Sometimes I have to work a little harder.  I almost always have to work a little harder. :)  I think God doesn't want me to ever take this ministry for granted . Right now I have several projects and performance ideas in my head but I'll focus on just one song I'm working on right now. 1. Purpose/Venue Annual Valentine Fund Raiser Banquet at church. We need entertainment for the banquet and our puppet team, PIT Crew , is always a big hit.  2. Message & Style Naturally, I look for a song about "love" since it's Valentine's Day.  I have several Righteous Pop M usic albums and

Props for Valentine Performance

We have an annual Valentine banquet as a fund raiser for kids to attend pre-teen camp and we are going to need a little entertainment. So I started planning a song for our puppet team, the PIT Crew, to perform. I'm planning to use a song called "Put the Love of God in Your Heart".  It's a parody of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" from Creative Ministries RPM collection . I decided to keep it simple with the props and just a few puppets.  The new bunny will definitely be involved! We have to have a Jesus in a heart prop, naturally... Here is the heart with the first coat of red paint on the outside... It doesn't seem to show up in the picture but there is a hinge of tape in the middle so the heart can open up and you'll see Jesus inside. Here is a shrub I just cut out with an x-acto knife... Here is a close up of the shrub.  Not sure why I drew all the details because when I put the base coat on, they will disappear.

Rabbit Puppet Update

I finally got his head covered! Sometimes a puppet comes together quickly, as in the case of the lion .  But with this rabbit puppet that hasn't been the case. I just needed time to decide the "look" of him.  Here's what I have so far: He still needs whiskers, a body and arms.  Soon! (I hope)

Organizing Small Signs for Puppet Songs

I started a new blog over at and it has inspired me to blog more here at .  I don't know why I have struggled with this blog.  I think it's because I couldn't find just exactly what I wanted to say and show here. I'm just going to blog about anything puppet related that I think, do or see. :) After all, the blogs are really for me to journal what I do and what I learn along the way.  If it helps somebody else well then I'll be doubly blessed. This week I was doing some organizing and cleaning behind the stage in our children's dept at my church and came up with a simple solution for our small signs. I took some paper clips and duct tape and taped the clips at the end of the paddles, then I put hooks back stage and hung the signs on the hooks.  Fast.Simple.Cheap.Easy.   The signs themselves are just clip art enlarged, printed on our color printer, laminated then mounted to foam core board trimmed t