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Monster Puppet in Action

**Edited on 9-28-11 to add newer pictures of Monster in action** Our church mission team helped do an outdoor Bible Camp this summer for another church in the area. Let me just say it was AWESOME! God really taught me so much in this week! Of course we used puppets! ;)  Many adults are just as fascinated as the children with puppets. Never underestimate the power of the puppet! I wanted to share something fun that we did with the monster puppet:  I had printed, cut out and laminated the day's memory verse, and hung the words across the edge of the stage.  In my case we have curtains on a pvc frame, so I used bent chenille stems to hook the words on.  I talked with the kids about the verse and we read it together a time or two. But something different started to happen; every time I turned around, one of the words would be missing and the kids were shouting excitedly.  I never could seem to figure out what was going on.  Every time I looked at the stage or in it