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Boy Puppets from Pattern

I have been really busy in the last month or so getting ready for a black light show we did at our church. I will show some pics of things I made for that later, but today I want to show two new puppets I made. I had been dying to make some foam based puppets and I finally had some time! Here's the first one: Here's the second one: Aren't they just so cute? My daughter designed the second guy. It's her puppet. She kind of wanted a peach skin puppet but we were using fabrics on hand, so she ended up chosing yellow (although it's darker in real life than what showed up in this picture). He reminds me of this guy from my child hood: Anyway, on the yellow boy we tried something new - attached arm rods and wired fingers. It turned out great! I just hope it lasts. I used an epoxy to glue the metal to thick cardboard inside the hands and then stuffed around it. Next I need to make a girl! I used this pattern from Creative Ministry Solutions.