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Monster Puppet

I made this little guy this weekend. He's so stinking cute!  Much cuter in person. I made my own pattern for him, as I so enjoy doing.  But the technique came from these videos: I also made a second detached hand to use with a second puppeteer if desired.

Scout Boy Puppet

I started this little puppet a while back.  I made a few mistakes, but over all he turned out pretty cute.  I wanted a "blank" puppet that could change costume and become something different.  His main personality is a scout type character.  We just began a new theme with our children's church, it's kind of a treehouse/clubhouse type thing.  He'll be the character to tie into that theme, but I still wanted him to be flexible too. He's a much darker red than shows in this picture, I just have a camera phone and the light washed him out a bit.

Feathers, and furs, and eyes! Oh My!

I ordered some supplies from Out of the Box Puppets . Would you like to see what I got? Trust me the camera phone does not pick up the vibrancy of these colors! up close  I also scored some bright green shag fur from for under $9 a yard! Yeah! I have 4 yards of this.  I haven't decided what to do with it yet. ;) Camera phone again, it is much darker than this.

Black Light Fish Puppet

I haven't posted in 6 months!  Yikes.  I want this blog to live, not die, so I'm committing to post at least twice a month.  Hopefully with pictures, I mean puppets ARE visual.  But I don't really have a camera working right now so I have to use my phone mostly.  If I can't post a picture, then at least an idea.  I always have ideas. ;) I have made a few quick puppets in the last week or so to round out a song we did last Sunday for Children's Sunday.  It was a simple song, but I think it turned out cute. I needed a fish, a bird and a flower.  I have a snap shot of the unfinished fish, but I'll have to take a pic of the others and post them later. Here's the fish body: I literally drew out a fish shape, cut it out of foam, glued it together and covered with fleece! Easy!  I did give him eyes and he was done!  The song wasn't blacklight, but I went ahead and made him out of blacklight fabric so I could use him either way.