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Change is Coming

Sadly this was the last show with this Krew.  God is moving and changing things up. What He has in store no one knows, but we trust Him to lead us where He would have us to go. We love you KREW!!!!   You will always be very special to us.

No Monsters

This was our very first jaunt into black light performance.  We used "junk" we found around church and at home! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ We've tried to get video of this skit and just have not been successful, but I thought I'd post a portion of an early dress rehearsal, just to give you an idea of how it looks.

Getting Ready for Pre-Teen Camp Show

August 5th we will be performing with Black Light at a near by Pre-Teen Camp. Stop back by to see how it went! ****UPDATE**** The kids at camp loved the show! We tried to video once again, but didn't get a lot of usable footage. The problem was that the kids liked it so much they were practically up on the stage with us! Of course the blacklight was a hit as always, but they loved some of the skits too. Plaidman and Polkadot were two heroes that showed up and gathered quite a following. The puppet skits received a few laughs as well. Overall performing at camp was great. The kids really got into it and that was great encouragement to our Krew. Oh! And how could I forget the Nerds???? They loved the Nerds!